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The case of Rodger is one of Misogyny in it’s purest form, not mental illness. As with many social issues perceived throughout history, ignoring the problem never made it go away. I feel like mental illness is too often used as a scapegoat to provide some semblance of meaning to the deplorable actions of monsters. This is detrimental to our already fucked up society in two ways: 1. It attempts to excuse the actions of the depraved. 2. It reinforces society’s pervasive stigmas towards individuals who suffer from these illnesses. True feminism is about empowering women to reach the status men already possess, by virtue of their existence alone. True feminism is not about the domination of one gender over another. Femenazis do not accurately preach feminism. Don’t you dare get confused. The extremism,seen in sexist displays perpetrated by feminazi’s, is mirrored by MRA’s who projected the ideologies embraced and furthered by monsters, such as Rodger. Also dude please chill, we know it’s not all men. Not all men, but some? Does that mean all those who protest against misogyny should be satisfied with the fact that it’s not everyone? That just means it could be anyone. I give you, Schrodinger’s misogynist, whereby every man is a misogynist until they prove otherwise. The outcry is against the society that backs us up against a wall and threatens us with a double edged sword. What makes it worse is if a woman voices her concerns she gets slapped in the face with this ‘not all men’ nonsense. If I thought it was all men I would have become an Amazonian warrior a long time ago. Alas, I’m nice enough not to judge all of you motherfuckers on the basis of a monsters actions and motivations. So please do not tell me something I already know. It just makes you look like an attention seeker who needs everything to be about them. It also deters attention away from the crux of the matter. So don’t. Just don’t. Stahp. I read this today and it really struck me because of reasons> “Welcome to misogyny where we get called sluts if we fuck you and shot if we don’t” I ask you all to Merely speak about this issue. Don’t let another Elliot Rodger think he can commit such injustices and get away with it, especially by blaming it all on mental illness. Rodger doesn’t deserve the fame. Everyone’s talking about Rodger but not many people are showing the slightest awareness of his misogynistic motivations and the fact that they were indeed nurtured by certain Men’s rights activists. This is a issue that must be addressed. It’s not going to disappear So you might as well be a part of the solution.

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A boy sprawled next to me on the bus, elbows out, knee pointing sharp into my thigh.
He frowned at me when I uncrossed my legs, unfolded my hands
and splayed out like boys are taught to: all big, loose limbs.
I made sure to jab him in the side with my pretty little sharp purse.
At first he opened his mouth like I expected him to, but instead of speaking up he sat there, quiet, and took it for the whole bus ride.
Like a girl.

Once, a boy said my anger was cute, and he laughed,
and I remember thinking that I should sit there and take it,
because it isn’t ladylike to cause a scene and girls aren’t supposed to raise their voices.
But then he laughed again and all I saw
was my pretty little sharp nails digging into his cheek
before drawing back and making a horribly unladylike fist.
(my teacher informed me later that there is no ladylike way of making a fist.)

When we were both in the principal’s office twenty minutes later
him with a bloody mouth and cheek, me with skinned knuckles,
I tried to explain in words that I didn’t have yet
that I was tired of having my emotions not taken seriously
just because I’m a girl.

Girls are taught: be small, so boys can be big.
Don’t take up any more space than absolutely necessary.
Be small and smooth with soft edges
and hold in the howling when they touch you and it hurts:
the sandpaper scrape of their body hair that we would be shamed for having,
the greedy hands that press too hard and too often take without asking permission.

Girls are taught: be quiet and unimposing and oh so small
when they heckle you with their big voices from the window of a car,
because it’s rude to scream curse words back at them, and they’d just laugh anyway.
We’re taught to pin on smiles for the boys who jeer at us on the street
who see us as convenient bodies instead of people.

Girls are taught: hush, be hairless and small and soft,
so we sit there and take it and hold in the howling,
pretend to be obedient lapdogs instead of the wolves we are.
We pin pretty little sharp smiles on our faces instead of opening our mouths,
because if we do we get accused of silly women emotions
blowing everything out of proportion with our PMS, we get
condescending pet names and not-so-discreet eyerolls.

Once, I got told I punched like a girl.
I told him, Good. I hope my pretty little sharp rings leave scars.

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